Brow Lift

Two techniques are commonly used, either endoscopic or bicoronal brow lifts. In endoscopic brow lift procedures (endobrow) the procedure is undertaken via five incisions behind the hairline. In bicoronal brow lifts a single incision is employed running behind the hairline, across the whole of the scalp. In both techniques the scars are concealed in the hair bearing scalp. The brow lift procedure is frequently performed at the same time as other facial rejuvenation operations such as facelift and eyelid correction.

Pre-operative Advice 

The aims and expectations of surgery should have been discussed at the initial consultation. Smokers have a higher risk of developing complications, in particular wound related problems, and it is therefore advised that they should refrain from smoking for at least 6 weeks prior and for between two and four weeks following surgery. Aspirin and related anti-inflammatories should be avoided for at least a week before surgery and several days following surgery as they make provoke bleeding.

Operative Procedure 

The incisions are made behind the hairline, and the forehead is elevated off the bony skeleton down to the brow region. Muscles responsible for frowning may be partially resected to decrease wrinkles and frowns whilst maintaining normal eyebrow movements. The brows are elevated by lifting a deep layer using sutures. The wounds are closed using sutures and drains may be inserted. No hair is removed during the operation and the wound is fully hidden in the hairline (unless a pre-hairline approach is being employed or there is a male pattern of recession).

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