In a significant percentage of men some breast development will occur naturally.  In some this is significant and causes embarrassment and will restrict certain activities (for example swimming and sunbathing).  Excess breast tissue development in males is termed gynaecomastia.  This can be corrected surgically either with liposuction alone or in combination with surgical excision usually through a semi-circular incision around the areola.  In rare cases a form of breast reduction (as per the operation usually designed for breast excess in women – see relevant section) is required.

Pre-operative advice

Prior to surgery patients will have been seen at consultation and the exact technique being used should have been discussed.  Patients who smoke are at greater risk of complications including bleeding and wound infection and are therefore advised to refrain from smoking for 6 weeks prior to surgery and 2 weeks postoperatively.  Patients should also avoid Aspirin and equivalent anti-inflammatory agents for 2 weeks prior to surgery as these can increase the risk of bleeding.

Operative Procedure

The operation is usually undertaken under general anaesthetic and most patients will require at least one night in hospital postoperatively.  When the patient is asleep liposuction is undertaken via small stab incisions usually placed in discreet sites.  With  liposuction a volume of fluid is infiltrated into the area to be treated, this fluid containing local anaesthetic to provide postoperative pain relief and adrenalin to reduce bleeding both during and following surgery.  In some patients a surgical excision of the breast tissue is required, this usually being undertaken via an incision around the edge of the areola.  When surgical excisions are undertaken a drain is usually placed into the wound, this needing to be removed the following day.

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