Neck Lift Procedure

The procedure is undertaken via an incision that runs around the front of the ear, down under the earlobe, around the back of the ear and extends into the hairline behind the ears. The skin is elevated off the soft tissues and the muscles of the neck are elevated and repositioned. In some cases an additional incision is made below the chin and further tightening of the muscles plus/minus liposuction is undertaken.

Pre-operative Advice

Smokers have a much higher risk of developing complications. It is therefore advised that they should refrain from smoking for at least six weeks prior to, and for two weeks following surgery. Aspirin and related anti-inflammatories should be avoided for a similar time period.

Operative Procedure

The facelift and/or necklift operation is usually performed under a general anaesthetic and takes 2-4 hours to perform. The incisions are designed so as to produce scars that are either concealed (in the hair-bearing scalp and behind the ears) or in an area which normally leaves virtually no scarring (in the crease in front of the ear). The facial tissues are tightened in layers and any additional procedures are undertaken. Gauze is applied to the face to reduce swelling and a bandage applied. One dose of antibiotic is given at operation to reduce the risk of infection and one dose of steroid to reduce postoperative swelling.

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