Thigh Lift Procedure

Excess thigh tissue may be the result of abnormal fat distribution, skin laxity, and being overweight. In some patients liposuction alone may be sufficient to correct the problem, in other patients especially in the inner thighs, a skin tightening procedure may be required. When skin tightening is undertaken the procedure is termed a thigh lift. Incision may be in the inner thigh crease alone or may include an extension downwards along the inner thigh. Occasionally in extensive thigh lift procedures the incision may extend all around the upper thigh, at the front being in the groin crease and at the back in the buttock crease. Thigh reduction/lift surgery requires a general anaesthetic and an inpatient hospital stay.

Pre-operative Advice

Smokers have a much higher risk of developing complications. It is therefore advised they should refrain from smoking for at least two weeks prior and for two weeks following surgery. Smoking significantly increases the risk of wound infections and breakdown. Aspirin and anti-inflammatories should be avoided for two weeks prior to surgery as they may promote bleeding. Patients on all contraception (not HRT) should ideally stop the Pill for six weeks prior to surgery as there is a slight increased risk of thrombosis. During this period alternative forms of contraception are required.

Operative Procedure

Thigh reduction and thigh lift surgery is undertaken under general anaesthesia. The operation takes between two to four hours to perform and involves usually combination of liposuction and skin excision. The exact details regarding the operative procedure will be discussed at the initial consultation. The wounds are approximated using deep stitches in the deeper layers. This is especially important in the thigh lift in order that the correction be maintained with the skin edges being approximated using self-dissolving sutures in most cases. Drains are usually employed.

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