Breast Uplift Procedure

There are several types of uplift operation which can leave scars limited to around the areola, to more extensive scars around the areola and down from the areola to the breast crease and also along the breast crease underneath the breast. In some people breast augmentation may additionally be required, in others breast augmentation alone may produce the desired result. This will be discussed at the initial consultation.

The scars are placed in inconspicuous positions designed to be hidden when wearing a bra’ or bikini. The nipple is left attached to breast tissue to preserve its blood supply, and retain its natural appearance. If the areola is too large this will be reduced at surgery.

Pre-Operative Advice

Smokers have a much higher risk of developing complications. It is therefore advised that they should refrain from smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to and for two weeks following surgery. Smoking significantly increases the risk of wound infections and breakdown as well as vascularity problems with the nipple. Aspirin and anti-inflammatories should be avoided for a similar time period as they may promote bleeding. Patients on oral contraception (not HRT) should ideally stop taking the Pill for six weeks prior to surgery as there is a slight increased risk of thrombosis. During this period alternative forms of contraception are required.

Patients are usually admitted on the day of surgery and are seen before surgery by the anaesthetist who will go over the general anaesthetic, by the nursing staff who will undertake routine preoperative checks and by Mr. Whitworth. Mr. Whitworth will take pre-operative photographs as well as planning the operation by drawing on the breasts preoperatively. Additionally before surgery the patient may require a blood test and will also be measured for a pair of stockings. The stockings are worn whilst the patient is in bed to improve the circulation and to reduce the risk of thrombosis.

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